"SUU Housing District" (proposed zone) in Cedar City

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Do you live near SUU? Would you want the possibility of a 50' apartment complex next to you for a neighbor? Once they are your neighbors, that complex wont have parking for 30% of its residents.

This is a petition for the neighborhood property owners to speak against the new special zone crafted for developers to make more profits while the residents lose the integrity of their community.

Tonight (1/16/18) Cedar City Planning commission has gave a "positive recommendation " vote for the new "Suu Housing District" (SHD). Which means it will be on the agenda for the Cedar City Council meeting tomorrow 1/17/18 at 5:30PM. If you own property in the SHD, or within 1/4 mile of the SHD. We would like to present this petition so city council will recognize the majority of the effected neighborhoods do NOT approve the proposed zone.

HERE IS A LINK TO A MAP.  Red is the proposed zone, yellow is 1/4m effected radius.

This is a quick overview of the "SUU Housing District" Zone
1. No minimum size for lot requirements.
2. 50' allowance for maximum building height requirements. (currently 35')
3.  Parking spot requirement  .7 per occupant. (currently .85)
What this means. (example)
1. Very high density complexes could be built within this zone on any small lot.
2. A 50' tall building could be built on any lot. (is your neighbors house for sale? lets put one there!)
3. A 100 unit complex would only be required to have 70 parking spaces.

Why this is bad.
I can speak from personal experience. We recently had a high density complex built next to us. It has negatively effected us to the point we have discussed selling our home and moving (which we never thought would happen). I could give you lots of examples but the main thing is we just don't feel that sense of home anymore. You could ask anybody and I highly doubt your going to get someone to say they would want a 50' tall complex next to them. Imagine if it were on the south side, no sun in the winter coming through your windows at all. The negative effects go on and on, just ask anybody that has had to deal with recent building near them.  

Please, if you own property within this boundary or within the 1/4 mile effected radius join us to keep the neighborhood together instead of letting this "SHD" compound the problems we are already dealing with. Even better, sign the petition, share it with your neighbors and come to the meeting.

Cedar City Council meeting tomorrow 1/17/18 at 5:30PM City Council Chambers

Today: Cedar City Residents is counting on you

Cedar City Residents needs your help with “Cedar City Council we the people disagree with the new SHD”. Join Cedar City Residents and 504 supporters today.