Save Our Chuck E. Cheese's Animatronic Shows and BRING BACK AVENGER CHUCK! Make Magic!

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If you have grown up in the early 2000s, then you’d most likely remember the "Golden Age" of Chuck E. Cheese's - the Avenger Era.

We all know how great the quality of the Animatronic Shows felt back then, with Munch's Make Believe Band treating each other mutually, while always singing some great contemporary songs. I always felt that what sets Chuck E. Cheese's apart from other restaurants for decades are their shows. It isn't the only thing that made them great, but it’s also their pizza, games, Live Shows, Birthday Parties, prizes, and their overall general Atmosphere. I knew that CEC was a magical place to be in as a young boy, just like a mini-Disney World. It truly is "The Happiest Place on Earth", an arcade destination that’s close to home.

But since 2012, Chuck E. Cheese himself has dramatically changed into a Rockstar. Along with that, the company has quietly wanted to remove their Animatronic Shows. Now they have made that news public with their CEC 2.0 remodels that have been spreading since 2017. They are all making their restaurants have a generic appearance, with nothing to make it stand out. We need to get CEC to STOP these current remodels and the removal of their iconic Animatronics! They should also consider bringing Chuck E. Cheese back in his Avenger form too!

Personally, I believe that instead of focusing on "Being Basic" by changing or removing EVERYTHING, CEC should maintain their arcades, and come up with a design that combines their past, present, and future. If they do a "Cross-Remodel" using some of their elements for their new design, they could possibly create the BEST experience for Cast Members and Guests. I would envision a stunning remodel, which would include some current, upcoming, and retired elements. I believe that there should STILL be an Animatronic Show (COL Stage), as well as purple and white Walls, Phase III and IV posters and artifacts, fluorescent lighting in Gamerooms, Phase V backlit signs above it's menu and salad bar, Phase V booths and Showroom seating (blue thick-padded backrests), and the current PlayPass system. They should bring back the curtains AND turntable for the Animatronic area, '90s-Style dim lighting in Showrooms, and Showroom walls/separators. I personally see how adding open kitchens would work, since you could watch the pizza being made before being served, and what could also be brought over should be the 2.0 carpeting and booths (blue thick-padded backrests). This would all make it have a great ambiance for BOTH the kids and the adults.

Not only can Chuck E. Cheese’s change how their stores look, but they can also change how they treat their guests too. A big change that could be done by the Cast Members alone around their stores is to give more hospitality around the restaurant to make the guests comfortable. For example, when the guests walk through the doorway, they can have better Kid Check greetings, and if they have a reserved Birthday Party, they could have a Birthday Star entrance announcement. When they go order their food, guests may not know what they want. To solve that, cashiers could give suggestions on what to order. After finishing that up, they could tell guests to enjoy their food. Attendants at the Gameroom and Showroom could tell guests about what to expect, and give them some perks after meeting with them. When going to the prize counter, guests could get suggestions for prizes to pick, to ease the stress from their selection. Every one of these things would add on to the whole destination.

WE BELIEVE THAT CEC SHOULD BRING BACK AVENGER CHUCK! Many Chuck E. Cheese’s Fans see it as his most iconic form in its current history. It could be its most precious charm! Many characters from TV have become iconic through the years, due to sticking with their charms from the time they were created. Disney found their charm with Mickey Mouse after sticking with his trademark design, which includes circular mouse ears, white gloves, red trunks, and yellow shoes. Combining them with his personality made him become so recognizable, which soon made him their mascot. Other characters from TV who became so famous are SpongeBob SquarePants, Garfield the Cat, and Courage the Cowardly Dog. All of their respective crews from their shows made sure to build up their character to make them known around the world. If they did it, then Chuck E. Cheese’s can do it too! Bringing back Chuck E. Cheese in his Avenger form would excite older fans, and get some new ones to relate to him. The Avenger Shows were great, and we would love to relive them a decade later!

This petition is very important to me, and possibly for you and your kids too. CEC always said, "Make Magic, without it, we're just another Pizza Place!" We'd like to save it from disappearing! If you want a cheap meal, you could probably go to McDonald's or Sonic. If you want food and entertainment, then you'd go to Chuck E. Cheese's. If any generic fast-food restaurant were to remodel, then it wouldn’t make much of a difference, since some customers would feel that they are better served for future visits. But since Chuck E. Cheese’s is unique, its current remodel would really spoil its entire experience. So far, they’re only going to have about 90 remodeled locations by the end of this year, but they have closed many locations that wouldn't get the treatment. They have about 500+ unremodeled locations that would soon get remodeled in the next decade. We still have time to get CEC to STOP their 2.0 remodels! I'd really like myself and other people to have the best-ever experience of CEC and make it a destination, because honestly, what would Chuck E. Cheese’s ultimately be without Animatronics? Remember everyone, "We're all kids at heart." Many of us know that! Let the company know how much all this means not just to you, but to your families, friends, and CEC itself. As always, “Say Cheese, It’s Funner! At Chuck E. Cheese’s, Where a Kid can be a Kid!”