CBSE RE-EXAM of Economics and Math is not fair!

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Is this a joke? Re examination for CBSE class 12 Economics and class 10 Mathematics. Are you serious, CBSE? We have spent hours studying for Economics and Maths and you just cancel it just because someone has leaked the paper. Just because of one gang or a person, whoever it may be, around 99% of the students have to suffer. You guys only know how to conduct exams. But, do you know how hard it is to study and write the exam? For the commerce students, Economics was their last exam and we all went home happy because of the fact that our exams were over and Economics was not as difficult as expected. And now you want to cancel the exam just because one of your staffs indulged in malpractices? Shame on you, CBSE! With this incident, you have lost all the trust and dignity. The number of students enrolling will be lower from the next academic section. That's a guaranteed fact. And you will also get the curse of innocent students. Some of us who were studying in hostel were so happy to go home after the exam. But now, we got to go back because of your stupid actions and lack of security. Most of us were expecting a solid hundred on the paper and now our vision is uncertain as the paper can be of any difficulty if conducted again. This is pure torture. A lot of stress during the exam and now, even after the damn exams!