CBS WhistleBlower Maligns Midwifery Profession in US

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On June 14th CBS aired Whistleblower describing midwives as inexperienced practitioners, employed as cheap labor, hired to care for pregnant women that physician's did not want in their practice. The show portrayed a 'scheme' intentionally designed to make money off of this cheap labor combined with inaccurate Medicaid billing practices. The one-sided story did nothing to describe the team-based model of care provided by Physicians, Residents, Midwives and Nurses. The story did not describe any lens beyond that of one frustrated Obstetrician. Where were her colleagues and other health professionals providing care at Methodist? When sensationalized and inaccurately portrayed news is disseminated in national media many are affected. CBS did nothing to describe the education, role, scope and team-based care model midwives practice. Nor find individuals to interview that would speak to the quality and safety of this very large physician/midwife collaborative practice group. Rather, phrases such as 'inexperienced', unwilling to work with physicians, and practicing rogue high-risk obstetrics was emphasized. Nothing could be further from the truth. Decades of research in the US and globally describe midwives as safe care providers. This show did nothing more than use the US crises of maternal mortality as a headline and unqualified midwives as the problem. Health care delivery should never be cast as 'us vs. them'. Health care delivery happens by all working together to bring the best care and services possible to those served. CBS needs to air a story about Midwifery in America and share with viewers the long history and benefits Midwives provide. A history of leading the movement to reduce the cesarean section rate, preterm birth rate and improve outcomes for Medicaid mothers as most recently noted in the Federal CMS Strong Start For Mothers and Infants study. Sadly the story implicates midwives as unsafe and disparages not only all midwives, but those who work alongside. It is simply egregious to misinform the public through sensationalized reporting and harm an already marginalized profession by an absence of comprehensive reporting standards. CBS needs to step up and air a show on how Midwives, Physicians, Nurses and Doulas work together to improve health of moms and babies across America.