Cavan County Council, remove all illegally erected posters

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We have received a number of complaints regarding the placement of anti-choice posters throughout the town and county.

There are laws in place regarding the placement of posters.
-No poster can be erected on or near a roundabout.
-No poster can be placed at a junction or within 30 meters of a junction.
-Due to a by-law in place for the last number of years, no poster can be erected anywhere in the centre of Cavan town or on the roads leading into the town except for within a limited number of designated areas.
-Every single poster to be erected needs permission in writing from Cavan County Council.

Given these laws, it is clear that the vast majority of anti-choice posters that are erected in the town and county are erected illegally. For some reason, these illegally erected posters have been left in place by Cavan County Council.

This is a worrying state of affairs considering that numerous posters advertising pro-choice events have been removed almost immediately by council workers on a number of occasions this last year.

We were not aware of the legal situation at the time but once we learned of these laws we have adhered to them because posters cost money and putting them up just to have them removed is a waste of both time and money.

The laws should apply to all, or not at all.

Formal complaints regarding a number of posters in the Cavan Town area have been made to the council by our members today but there are many more out there that should be removed.

This is where our followers can get involved.

For anybody that sees posters or signs that they believe to be in breach of the law, be they in the town, on or near a roundabout or on or near a junction, please photograph them and send the photo with your complaint to:

Also please sign this petition to pressure Cavan County Council to remove all posters that were erected without permission, as per their own guidelines.

Thank you for your support.