Need to Increase Security Measures at Jones Dairy Elementary School

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There have been recent threats to Jones Dairy Elementary School in Wake Forest, NC. It is critical and pressing that we increase security measures at this school immediately. In the face of active threats, it would be negligent to not respond with these appropriate measures.

We understand that the school is having difficulty obtaining the funds from WCPSS to introduce these security measures, and we desperately need WCPSS to respond in support of child safety.

We hereby request Cathy Moore, Superintendent of the Wake County Public School System, to take action now. Every day that passes without these safety measures is a day that our children are at risk.

What Is Requested: 

  • We request having 2 armed sheriff/police officers on site during school hours to protect the school body.
  • We request a perimeter fence around the school property to better secure the area and protect the students.