No more serviette packs at KFC!

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Plastic waste, in particular single-use straw waste, is at an all time high and a lot of the time it is unnecessary.

Currently, if you go to KFC and order a meal, you are asked if you would like serviettes. This seems like a harmless question, until you answer yes and are given a serviette, spoon, straw and a refresher towel, all packaged neatly in a sealed plastic bag. What if you just ordered a burger and chips and literally just want a serviette? They don't have any serviettes on their own to give out so that means that everytime someone wants a serviette, they are unnecessarily given a single use straw, plastic spoon and a plastic bag that are being thrown out without being used!

Not only is it a waste of money for the business but the damage that it is doing to the environment is ridiculous and totally avoidable.

This can be changed easily by offering the items individually and only giving spoons and straws when customers ask for them. This would eliminate the plastic bag wastage completely!

Better yet, why can't they use paper straws? They are only being used once anyway!

Please sign my petition to see if we can pull together and make a small change that can have a huge affect on our environment.... and so I can feel a little less guilty when eating KFC :)