Help stop the plastic pollution in our oceans!

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The problem we are dealing with is plastic being dumped into our oceans. Plastic can take a very long time to decompose in the ocean and can interfere with the flora and fauna living there. It can ruin the way animals develop or the plastic can interfere with their growth and/or appearance. Plastic is also bad to be consumed because most plastics contain B.P.A. (bisphenol A) Among all the other plastic substances that get into our food, BPA stands out, according to Laura Vandenberg, for its ability to disrupt the functions of hormones -- especially estrogen. Hundreds of studies show that high doses of BPA disrupt reproductive development. If you have a high level of  BPA you have a higher rate of diabetes, heart disease and liver toxicity. Also phthalates and other chemicals are found in plastics and are very bad for animals and humans. You should care because the plastic being dumped into oceans break down and  studies show that some plastics are so small there it is as small as the salt in oceans and if you get your salt from oceans and eat it you may be eating plastic as well. Even if you don't get your salts from the ocean it can be found in any sea food. 
Other organizations have done many things to help reduce plastic waste by doing things like plastic pick-ups or developing ways to make plastic edible or making drinks without needing to make plastic bottles. For an example, the Skipping Rocks Lab made a round edible ball called the Ooho which is 100% seaweed base or even a edible spoon, fork, knife and of course the chopstick! This cutlery come in different flavors to reduce the use of plastic spoons, forks, etc. Although these organizations have made very interesting useful stuff to help reduce plastic waste, they still have not released it internationally. Like the edible spoon is only sold in India or the Ooho hasn’t even been released yet and it will take 12 month just to release it in the UK. There are many things we can do to reduce plastic waste not just by making stuff that may contribute such as an edible spoon but you can still participate in plastic bottle picking or even just by donating to other organizations that cares about our earth. 
We are specifically trying to help marine life like mammals, fish, and others like invertebrates so that the plastic doesn't mess up there life. They are dying because of plastic items because one they consume it, 2 they get tangled in it, and 3 they get stuck in plastic and don't develop and/or grow properly.  Our end goal is to raise over 50$ towards the cleanup of our oceans and get at least 100 people to sign off on our petition for cleaner oceans on our planet. The condition of pollution in our oceans really might not change by the end of our campaign since it really isn't that major, but maybe people will try to make a change as well and maybe they could make a bigger change in our environment. We are targeting teenagers, parents, and anyone one who dumps plastic or anything else into our oceans so maybe if we reach out to them they will stop or at least try to stop the dumping of garbage in our oceans. We are planning making a call to action and  fundraising so that we can make a change even though it isn't the biggest we can at least try and help instead of doing nothing.