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ALL plastics in ONE bin everywhere in the PLANET

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80% of Ocean Plastic Pollution Comes From Land-Based Sources;it is clear that we need to stop land plastic from leaking into waterbodies.

Waste plastic pollutes the environment globally; efforts by NGO’s, Industry and Governments to find solutions that work locally do very little to significantly reduce plastic waste from leaking into the oceans. Perfecting a system at municipal level is not enough; efforts will still not be enough if they are extended to national or even to a European Union, Pan American or Pan Asian wide approach. Think of it as putting a finger in a tiny hole to stop a leak at a dam full of different size holes. In this regard, humanity is like the little kid with their finger in the fractured dike to save our planet from plastic pollution.

Recognizing that we all have a role in preventing marine plastic pollution, it is also clear that there has to be global solutions to this global issue; that's the only way for a sector like plastics to make progress on environmental effectiveness.

People and animals need many champions worldwide to stop plastic from polluting our precious planet. The world needs a global ecosystem of solutions to address this Wicked Problem. The planet needs a portfolio of globally integrated tools to solve, remediate, mitigate, stop and regenerate the damage caused by waste plastics.

Fortunately, we are living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution characterized by the unprecedented and exponential progress of a range of new technologies and materials that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries; an age of innovation when the 20th century, petroleum and gas derived plastic waste management system will be redefined and upgraded to the New Plastic Resource Recovery Operating System.

“This is the private sector’s moment in history to act, mobilize and bring solutions.” (Keith Tuffley).

UpGyres audacious goal to contribute to a Waste Less Future; when 100% of plastics are 100% reusable / reclaimable, 100% of the time is of epic proportions; that is why we partnered with HeroX to launch The PLASTIKA REPARABILIS CHALLENGE.


o             addresses the currently intricate and fragmented system for sorting and collecting plastics as the main drivers for littering and for lack of recycling.

o             is a 2 year, 30 million Canadian dollar global competition to support the development of technologies, system(s), infrastructure and methodology to usher in the New Plastics (Bio)-Economy.

o             is a global race to build and replicate, in two years, a functioning, workable system for the tracking, collection, sorting and processing of ALL plastics everywhere on earth, regardless of any country’s (or lack thereof) economies of scale, economic status, or recycling infrastructure.

o             is a worldwide competition to provide plastic users living in Metropoles and small villages alike, an "all-in-one" return service for the proper and environmentally-responsible value recovery of ALL used and waste plastics in ONE single bin everywhere in the PLANET.

The PRC establishes the blueprint for moving to a uniform, standardized and harmonized global system for barcoding and collection of ALL plastics; numbers 1 through 7, recyclable, un-recyclable, bio-absorbable, bio-degradable and compostable in ONE bin; sorting high and low value plastics with novel identification technology and effectively processing and optimally monetizing every single used plastic resource stream anywhere on the PLANET.

The PLASTIKA REPARBILIS CHALLENGE will reward 3 teams that develop the best, fastest, most cost effective, and easiest system to replicate for barcoding, tracking, collecting, sorting, separating and processing any type of plastic using the Internet of Bins, Internet of Packaging, advanced sensor technology, machine intelligence, feedstock utilization and user engagement through software and applications with 10 million dollars each team.

We urge Canada to support and push for funding of a global system for collecting and processing ALL plastics everywhere on earth…and ocean.

Prime Minister Trudeau and Ministers McKenna and Bains, make Canada the leader to help deliver a multi-tool to implement a Global Ecosystem for Local Solutions.

When Canada leads in taking up The PLASTIKA REPARABILIS CHALLENGE, the world will follow.

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