Say No To WhatsApp New Policy

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Now a days,  WhatsApp users receiving a msg with regard to change it's new Terms & Privacy Policy duly introduced by WhatsApp messanger. 

As per this alleged controversial msg of WhatsApp dated by 8th Feb, 2021 we the WhatsApp users must accept this above mentioned New Policy without fail. And those people who ignore or do not give their consent to this New policy will not be able to use the service of WhatsApp beyond 8th Feb, 2021 onwards and WhatsApp shall be automatically disable and won't work on their Mobile pholes. This is disgusting, dangerous, illegal and against human values.

By accepting these New Policy of WhatsApp not only the WhatsApp users' each & every personal information, movements as well as Banking & purchasing transactions even users contents etc. will be fully under control of WhatsApp but also get the right to sell and share it with its parent company like Facebook and any others for benefits that can not be justified from any point of view.

Hence, by writing this msg we the WhatsApp users strongly condemn this New WhatsApp Policy and do urge to public at large in India & globally that they should not accept this New Policy duly introduced by WhatsApp that is not in the favour of people and we also request WhatsApp that they should take back this New controversial Policy and rescind it eftsoon otherwise we'll be constrain to boycott WhatsApp collectively.

✍Kammi Thakur, Freelance Reporter,  Haryana, India.