Keep Casper a healthier, smoke free city!

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Keep Casper a healthier, smoke free city!

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Keep Casper Smoke Free Referendum Committee started this petition to Casper City Council

Dear Friends of a smoke free Casper,

If you’ve been following the local news, you know the city clerk finally confirmed that our petition drive was successful. We gathered the required number of signatures to suspend the changes to the original comprehensive indoor smoking ban and compels the city council to either repeal them or let Casper voters decide whether or not to repeal them in a special election.

If council chooses a special election, it will take a concerted effort by all of us to get supporters of the original comprehensive smoking ban (which included all bars, health care facilities and businesses with public access) to vote. To keep Casper smoke free, we cannot keep quiet.

If you want to keep Casper smoke free as I do, please, take the time to contact the council members below and tell you want a smoke free Casper. Tell them to repeal the amendments and leave the original smoking ban in place. Keep Casper healthier and smoke free!

The city fought us on this for 2 years. People are burned out, frustrated and infuriated that our current city council would take us backwards. We cannot give up.

Let’s clear this last hurdle, together!

Please contact the council at:, or individually and tell them you want a smoke free Casper:

Charlie Powell, Mayor of City Council

Mailing Address: 200 N. David Street, 82601

Home Address: 2430 Allyson Place, 82604

(307) 577-6042

Daniel Sandoval, Vice Mayor

P.O. Box 3009, 82602

(307) 277-3942


Ray Pacheco, Councilmember

1221 Ivy Lane, 82609

(307) 258-1226


Steve Cathey, Councilmember

2141 Cornwall, 82609

(307) 472-0077


Robin Mundell, Councilmember

1817 Chestnut St, 82601

(307) 473-7219


Bob Hopkins, Councilmember

714 South Beech Street, 82601

(307) 472-1837


Kenyne Schlager, Councilmember

(307) 277-0578


Shawn Johnson, Councilmember

6956 Umpqua River Rd, 82604

(307) 277-7377

Scott Miller, Councilmember (Councilman Hedquist’s replacement)

Scott Miller


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This petition had 40 supporters

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