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Stop Casey Council Taking Homes and Destroying Natural Wildlife

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Hi everyone,

Recently there has been conflict in the City of Casey between home and land owners and the Council to be able to own the land that was originally bought and cultivated yourself and to not be removed from the land in a cheating, dishonest way for the sake of two football fields.

Plans are going ahead to demolish a 78 year old widower, John Foy's home and land to make room for soccer fields, car parks and roads and a pavilion in an ageing, rural area, where the need for something like this is not high. Over 100 species of animal reside and migrate through the land choosen to destroy by the Council with no consideration at all to maintaining a habitat or relocating to a similar area close by for any of these animals. 

City of Casey is one of the quickest developing areas in Victoria and with the massive increase in population projects like the two soccer fields are expected to be needed, but in places that have become one of the last remaining animal sanctuaries in the area should first be evaluated for animal species, animal numbers and local animal sustainability before completely destroying the area. The man that is being kicked out of his house has single handedly planted all of the trees himself on the property and made it into a beautiful oasis of different varieties and species that attracts all of the animals that roam, fly and swim on his property today.

It would be an injustice to let the City of Casey Council destroy this beautiful sanctuary for all just to build another soccer field. There are a hundreds of football fields in the City of Casey but there is no area like this mans property and we need to fight to keep it. The City of Casey has reportedly lied, mislead and made it as difficult as possible for any retaliation of the project and its time to say enough is enough! We cannot be kicked off our property, cheated, humiliated, lied to by our local government anymore!

To help this problem we need to get signatures to show that there are people behind this and that we aren't going to let it happen! Emails, phone calls, stop ins anything to help the City of Casey hear our voice and to stop these projects!

Help Show City Of Casey What An Asset Really Is! Protect The Local Properties!! 

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