Tell Cartoon Network To Cancel Plans for Thundercats Roar

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This new Thundercats Roar Cartoon Network has planned for 2019 is an absolute spit in the face of every single TRUE Thundercats fans that grew up with this instant classic. The fact that they are making Thundercats into this low-budget, cheesy, kindergarten-style animation with goofy cheesy jokes shows that the creators did not really grow up with this franchise and these lovable characters. This is absolute disrespect to everyone who put all of their hard work and effort into creating Thundercats for all of us 80s kids to enjoy, and this is a start of folks taking all the cartoon series we know and love, and straight butchering them simply because they really didn’t grow up with them. And don’t care about them. This is why we LOVED the 2011 reboot! It totally respected the original series, and even elevated the franchise. And because you couldn’t sell a ton of toys you cancelled it. If anything we want you all to BRING THE 2011 REBOOT BACK! But either way join me in telling Cartoon Network that WE DON’T WANT THIS GARBAGE!!!! AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO ALLOW OUR CHILDREN TO WATCH THIS GARBAGE!!!!!