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Release Adventure Time Season 7 on Blu-Ray

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Adventure Time has been released in HD on Blu-Ray for the past 6 seasons. Many fans have purchased these and expected them to continue through the end of the series. Season 7 is only out on DVD, a fairly old format that is being phased out. With only 3 seasons left to go, Cartoon Network should reward the fans' loyalty by releasing these remaining seasons on the same format as the previous 6 seasons.

Not to disparage other CN programming, but Adventure Time is very much a show that deserves to be preserved in a definitive HD format for the future. The move to stop releasing blu-rays in this instance feels short-sighted and inconsiderate of the show's loyal fans.

Releasing blu-rays of the remaining seasons would be a great show of goodwill towards the viewers, and would be giving the show and its creators the respect they deserve.

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