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Saving Balmoral

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The waste and pollution that is in the bay and on the beach of Balmoral is absolutely appalling. Nearly all fish residing in the bay are affected by rubbish finding its way into our lovely beach and bay and I am here to solve this problem. 

In just one square kilometer, 4000 bits of little tiny plastics are just floating around just waiting to get swallowed by our fish. My solution to this problem is to put more recyclable bins in the areas of Balmoral beach and have sea water bins that collect plastic floating in the water. Once these bins are full, rubbish trucks come and take them to a recycling plant and incinerate them. 

To make this change and solve the pollution problem, we as a community need to stop rubbish floating into our clean waterways by putting more recyclable bins, and sea water bins to stop plastics and other non-degradables from getting into our oceans. If my petition gets more than 200 signatures, we will make a change and put more recyclable bins out and stop this pollution problem. 

I care about this a lot because over the years I have visited Balmoral regularly and found no rubbish but only recently have I found plastic bags, food containers, plastic bottles and other non-degradable objects. These objects where floating underwater and just lying on the beach. This problem could result in the loss of marine life. This food chain would still go on because the fish eat the plastic and it kills them, then we fish them and then we eat the fish which then puts micro-plastics in our bodies. The plastic bags we use in our everyday life take 10-1000 years to decompose.

In conclusion, the rubbish and waste problem in Balmoral is a huge problem and is slowly killing our marine life and infesting our waters. By signing this petition you will be helping Balmoral and saving our planet.

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