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In Memory of the stray dogs in Houston Texas who lost their lives

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I am starting a petition against the Houston City Council in memory of the stray dogs that were living on the streets and those that are still alive on the streets of Houston who have lost their lives and to save the lives of the ones still alive. The Houston City Council has $50,000 to use to have the dogs on the streets euthanized to sweep the streets of Houston all for a Super Bowl game.
This needs to stop immediately. There are different ways of getting the dogs off the streets that the Houston City Council has not even tried to consider.

1. They need to demand that the dog shows to spay or neuter their show dogs or they will be shut down. The show dogs are not spayed or neutered, and are breed to have more puppies to sale and possibly be the next generation in the dog shows. I would also make them go to the kill shelters to see the dogs on death row and to see what happens when no one adopts them and they are out of time. I would ask them to pay a heavy fine that is preventing the shelter dogs from being adopted. I would also ask that the city council to go all over Houston, and look for people who are selling their dogs on the side of the streets in Houston that is preventing dogs in the shelters from being adopted, and have them pay a heavy fine for preventing dogs in the shelters from being adopted, and another heavy fine for not spaying or neutering their dog. I would also have them go to the kill shelters and see how full they are and see what the dogs are going through on death row.
2. I also ask that they reach out to the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS of Houston, and all car dealerships etc. to help build more and bigger rescue facilities to help reduce the amount of animals in the kill shelters, and to stop euthanization, and still have room in the rescues and more room in the kill shelters that will stop the euthanization process.
3. I ask that the city council go to the kill shelters that are over populated and pick the dogs off the euthanization list and are on death row and send them to the prisons to be trained for people who have disabilities or PTSD.
4. The city council also needs to have the utility workers not go into anyone's backyard without an escort. If they do, they will be fined heavily. They leave the gates open and the owners dog gets loose and is on the streets.
5. The city council also needs to look for the homeless, and find them a place to stay where they can take their dog with them, and help them get back to their families. They need their families back in their lives, and not to be alone.
6. The police need to be stopped from killing family pets as well, and taken off the streets. They are going to the wrong houses and killing people's family dog instead of using a stun gun when they need to. That is why the K-9 unit needs to go with them as well whenever they go to someone's house incase they go to the wrong house. You also need to get the bad cops off the streets that are making the good cops and K-9 cops look bad until all the bad cops are off the streets, because they are the ones putting the good cops lives in danger. What if they killed a therapy dog that was trained to help a disabled person or a person with PTSD and the dog was trying to do his or her job to calm his or her master down?
7. When a person adopts a pet, have them go through training to teach them on how to make their furbaby a family member, and want to keep it til its time is up, and not taken to a shelter, because it is too old, doesn't get along with the other fur baby, or too rough.
Houston City council needs to stop taking the easy way out by euthanizing the dogs on the streets will solve their problem, because it won't until you start with the ideas above. For more information please google: Over 70 dogs euthanized in council member's $50,000 stray sweep. Use stun guns and not euthanization.

"This is what you said on: "HOUSTON (FOX 26) - “Were talking about human beings that are being bitten and almost killed by stray animals,” city council member Dwight Boykins told us around this time last year."
"After announcing his plans to use $50,000 of his city budget to have a massive sweep of strays in District D, some animal advocates asked Boykins to consider other options."
"This e-mail from the council member's staff states $180 to $200 per animal was being spent to secure the adoption of approximately 250 to 270 dogs. But instead of being adopted, about a third of the dogs got a death sentence."
“A lot of these were people’s pets that were killed,” Sundermeyer said."
"According to the kennel cards obtained from BARC, a total of 224 dogs were picked up during the sweep. These kennel cards show pictures of all the ones who were euthanized. We know these dogs were part of the Boykin sweep because it says that on the kennel cards. Out of the 224 total we know at least 74 dogs were euthanized. It’s not known what happened to at least 10 more because no outcome is listed on their kennel cards."
“I’m assuming 84 animals were killed in these sweeps,” said Sundermeyer."

What happened to the other 150 stray dogs when a total of 224 dogs were picked up? Were they euthanized with the card in your name and brushed under the rug so to speak, so that; the public will not find out that the 150 dogs with the cards has your name on them? Did you even bother to check for a chip to see if it was someone's dog? Since it has been this bad why did you not start using the options I have provided for you a long time ago? Why are you just know making a public announcement of sweeping the streets of the strays when the situation should have been taken care of a long time ago with the solutions I have provided to you all above? Why are you just know making this public, because of the Super Bowl? Why don't you admit that you did say this, because "you are in fear of someone getting bit, and you are doing this for the Super Bowl, before the visitors come to town?" Why have you not tried the solutions that I have provided to you a long time ago?



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