Save the ABC Embroidery t-shirt booth at the Country Market

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ABC Embroidery is looking for support from the public to show The Thunder Bay Country Market that they are an asset and should not be evicted.  ABC has received an eviction letter with 2 days notice to evacuate their booth they have held upstairs at the market for 9 years.  The reasons for the eviction are ever changing and unsubstantiated but come down to a personal issue against ABC.  Since this manager started over 1 year ago, she has used her power to intimidate, threaten, and belittle many vendors up at the market.  She misleads the market board to her advantage so vendors who do not agree with her in any way are evicted without being able to defend themselves and the mistruths been told against them.  The process is broken so that one person has all the power and if you land on her wrong side then there is no hope for your business.  ABC has been a staple and one of the most popular booths at the market with their good, clean, comical tees that create laughter and smiles with everyone who passes by.  This vendor supports over 20 non-profits in Thunder Bay and uses their market booth to help in their client's campaigns.  The most recent being the Humboldt tees where 100% of the proceeds go to the victims.  Please send a message that the Country Market Board should save the ABC Embroidery booth and let everyone know that this kind of bullying is not allowed at the Market.