Elementary School Rezoning 2019/20 - Oppose 3 - Uphold Neighborhood Design of Horizon West

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In Fall 2019, two new elementary schools will open in Horizon West. For this we are grateful as this area is booming and new schools are much needed during this growth phase. 

Rezoning will be implemented to determine which homes will attend the two new schools. Four options have been developed by OCPS and one has been recommended (aka Advertised). The official vote will occur April 24, 2018 at the School Board Meeting – Public Hearing at 5:30 p.m. - held at the Ronald Blocker Educational Leadership Center located at 445 West Amelia Street in Orlando.

Option 3 is the option that has been recommended/advertised by OCPS in a March 15, 2018 School Board Rule Development Workshop. 

Those signing this petition are respectfully asking OCPS to not approve Option 3 and instead choose between Options 1 or 4. Options can be found in this PDF: https://ocps.net/UserFiles/Servers/Server_54619/File/Departments/Student%20Enrollment/Rezoning%2018-19/Community%20Meeting%2002%2005%2018.pdf

We understand that equalizing student numbers is a logical way to consider which of the options to recommend  - but we the undersigned would like to remind OCPS that the Horizon West master planned area is designed in a unique way and that fact should not take a back seat in this decision. 

“Horizon West is a community that will be built one neighborhood at a time, as the neighborhood is the cornerstone of Horizon West’s planning concept. Each village, which can be between 1,000 and 3,000 acres, can contain from two to four neighborhoods, each composed of approximately 500 acres. Each neighborhood in Horizon West’s villages has an elementary school at its center and is connected by multi-use paths and a park, ensuring a pedestrian-friendly walk of no more than one-half mile from the neighborhood’s housing.” From: http://www.orangecountyfl.net/portals/0/library/development-planning/docs/horizonwestmanagingruraltourbantransitioninorangecountyflorida.pdf

Given this - considering the walkable/bikeable connectivity of the homes within neighborhoods, should be one of, if not the highest consideration, when analyzing the options.

Option 3 which is currently being recommended divides the established neighborhood of the Summerport Village/Summerport area. It would move a significant part of the neighborhood which is now within the walking zone of Keene's Crossing, to the next neighborhood over, to attend Independence Elementary. This does not uphold the cornerstone neighborhood concept and lifestyle we as families moved to Horizon West for.

We suggest that Option 2 not be considered as it would divide the Summerport VIllage/Summerport area even further while also having the back area of Independence Phase 2 attend KCE even though they can more safely walk and bike to IES since it is inside their neighborhood.

We ask that Options 1 or 4 be approved as both would keep all of the Summerport Village/Summerport area attending KCE and would have all of Independence Ph1 & 2 attend their neighborhood school which is a closer and safer walk/bike route for them than the sidewalk along Tiny that has all of the Bridgewater Middle traffic on it.  

Even if this rezone does not move my child, I am signing in support of the option that best upholds the concept of Horizon West's neighborhood design as I would like OCPS to always consider the walkability and bikeability of the neighborhoods around the elementary schools as the rest of Horizon West is built out.

Please honor the concepts of Horizon West, which we selected this community because of, by voting to choose Options 1 or 4 on April 24th, 2018 for the elementary school rezoning.


OCPS wants addresses. Please still sign this petition as we will submit it, but also click thru to their survey and OPPOSE the Advertised option (#3) at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/25-E-SW-4_and_49-E-W-4_Advertised