Save lives! Make psychologists compulsory for Carnival Cruise workers and 1 day off a week

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Last week 22 year old Serbian crew member Nikola Arnautovic took his own life by hanging himself onboard the cruise ship he was working on Carnival Facination. 

It was his first contact. He had only been working on board for 8 weeks.

According to a crew member who was talking with a cruise ship nurse; Nikola had visited the infirmary on Saturday the day before his suicide asking for medical off and he looked 'very depressed'. They say he asked for medical emergency leave and was NOT approved. 

Crew members are given time off work only when they show "Vital signs" of ill health such as a high temperature or high blood pressure. Mental health is not considered as a reason for taking time off.

Behind the glamorous surface of the cruise  industry lies a dark untold story. People spend 6-8 months away from their family; friends and culture to work 10-14 hour days 7 days a week without a single day off their entire contract!.

They must pay for wifi to speak to loved ones and have to pay for bottled WATER! 

Sadly Nikola is not the only one who could not handle the pressure of such an intense work environment. Multiple people have been reported missing overboard recently and over the past few years.

Mental health is discussed during training but only one "human resources officer" is provided per ship. There are NO qualified psychologists on board.

Considering the isolating and intensive experience of working away we believe it is of high importance that the following be implemented as soon as possible to all Carnival ships to save lives:

1) Make psychologists compulsory on each Carnival ship. Free appointments should be available to all crew members. Appointments should be compulsory once a week to all crew members for the first month of every contract to ensure all crew are smoothly transitioning to their new contacts.

2) All crew members will get one day off per week to mentally and physically recharge. If a crew member is "mentally unwell" this will be taken as seriously as being sick and they will be permitted time to recover.

3) All HOD's (Heads of Department) should be trained in the importance of "mindful leadership" and avoid bullying; yelling or interrogation. An anonymous review box should be filled out in every department to allow human resources to track the quality of leadership for each HOD/ supervisor.

By signing this contract you are supporting the hard working crew who are the backbone of the Industry. #justiceforNikola