Let's save the Amancaes Hills in Lima, Peru.

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The Amancaes Hills [Lomas de Amancaes]  Fragile Ecosystem, the most representative green area of the City of Lima, is suffering a progressive deterioration and is in serious danger. We need your help to tell the Minister of Housing to stop its San Juan de Amancaes Safe Water Project to stop degrading the area.

Peruvian Ministerial Resolution 404-2013 by the Ministry of Agriculture aims to protect the Lomas de Amancaes fragile ecosystem. However, the area is being invaded, degraded and eroded by land traffickers, irresponsible authorities including the mayors of the cities of Rimac and Independiencia, the Ministry of Housing and others. There are constant invasions to build houses over the protected green area in the Rimac and Independencia sectors which causes a significant and irreparable environmental impact involving deforestation, land removal, rock exposure and erosion, among other impacts.

In 2015, conservation activists complained to the Rimac Mayor. A report by the Civil Defense Technical Inspector found that houses in the Mariscal Castilla, Flor de Amancaes, Santa Rosa de Lima and Horacio Zevallos Enlargement areas have a very high risk of fire and collapse in the event of an earthquake. Houses in these areas do not comply with basic security conditions required by Civil Defense regulations. The report recommended to enforce the Law of Population Resettlement for Areas of Very High Non-Mitigable Risk, relocating the invaders, delimiting the authorized human settlements in order to protect intangible ecological areas, forbid the installation of dwellings in hillside areas; and, enforce control measures over these human settlements. This has not happened. In 2015, the invaders were estimated in 1807 people, today they exceed 2,200 people. This growth has been possible due to the weekly arrival of new settlers in small numbers. The Specialized Environmental Prosecutor's Office is instructing a process for environmental crimes.

On Saturday, August 12, 2017, the Mayor of Rímac, Enrique Peramás, publicly stated in front of a crowd of locals that he was committed to protecting the Lomas de Amancaes Fragile Ecosystem. The following day invasion reactivated and continue until now. The invasion of the Horacio Zevallos Enlargement, the Gardens Enlargement and the construction of an informal highway in the Las Brisas Sector is a constant process and has peaked since Saturday, December 9, 2017, when vehicles from the San Juan de Amancaes Safe Water Program, implemented by the Ministry of Housing,  with construction material and a caterpillar tractor entered the area to build 7 potable water tanks. These water works have opened new areas to invasion, affecting the security of the houses located below, as well as partially destroying the Lomas de Amancaes Fragile Ecosystem its flora and wild fauna.