Save Mike's Place, Carleton's Grad Pub

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After 47 years, Mike's Place Pub is closing its doors. Mike's Place is a graduate student community hub in addition to an important space for Carleton's many faculty and staff. Mike's Place is a Carleton University community institution, and has responsibly served its patrons through the good times and the struggle we all know grad school to be. 

Without any meeting or consultation with council or staff, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) has decided to layoff its 16 employees indefinitely as of May 3, 2019. 

This move is pre-emptive and was not done in consultation with the graduate community. Doug Ford has made the future of student association funding uncertain, yes, but we do not currently know how the issue of student fees will be addressed by the university. 

We, members of the Mike's Place community, are lobbying for the support of the Carleton and broader Ottawa community to keep Mike's Place open. 

Mike's Place is an inclusive, safe space for students to gather and socialize. It regularly hosts events put on by different student organizations, provides a social space for softball leagues, hosts a weekly trivia night, and has live music events. It serves affordable halal, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

Mike's Place represents the face of graduate student experience here at Carleton University. It is a space which has been carved out by and for graduate students on campus, and the first place many of us were introduced to upon our arrival at the university. The students and staff who frequent this space participate in acts of solidarity for unions, educate one another about human rights issues, and stand up for each other in the face of adversity. Mike's Place belongs to the graduate students of Carleton University, and we ask for your support in our fight to keep it open. 

In addition to signing this petition, we encourage you to go to Mike's Place to show your support as well as contact the GSA with your concerns.