Make Buying Sustainable Seafood Easier for Consumers!

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Scientists think that we'll have fishless oceans by 2048, and that's not good. People aren't going to just give up on eating seafood, so convincing people to just stop eating it isn't feasible. So what can we do? Well, I propose that we ask more supermarkets (namely Stop n Shop and Shoprite) to show off the msc/asc labels in front of the seafood displays like they do in Whole Foods. The labels are on the packaging if it's sustainably sourced and most people don't even know to look for it. This way it's right in their face and they'll be more likely to buy from sustainable sources. Which is good because it'll help the environment and it's also better for your health. Sustainable fisheries don't use fishing methods that are super harmful to the environment or produce a lot of bycatch (fish that are caught on accident). Sustainable farms are careful to keep their fish separated from the wild fish and they're careful to not pollute the waters around the farms with their waste. 

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