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OnePlus to resolve the Jelly Effect as an Issue with the OnePlus 5

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OnePlus recently released their latest Android smartphone. It is a remarkable piece of technology and potentially one of the best Android smartphones released this year. However, shortly after its release a number of issues were reported with the hardware of the device. One of the prominent complaints that has been often repeated and reported is that of the display. OnePlus decided to flip the AMOLED display 180 degrees before placing it in the device, due to a deliberate design decision. The effect this has on the screen is that it refreshes from the bottom of the screen to the top, causing a small ripple like effect when scrolling. This effect has been notoriously referred to as "Jelly Effect" or "Jelly Scrolling". In my opinion, and many others, this results in a diminished end user experience, not something I expect from a company that prides itself on listening to it's fans/ customer. I've owned all of OnePlus' devices and had to return the OnePlus 5 due to this very poor design choice.

I've had a lengthy back and forth with OnePlus Support on this notorious "Jelly Effect" situation. In the end they have decided that because they do not deem it to be a problem, they will not be addressing it. I believe this is a mistake. The poll below demonstrates why:

After owning the device for a week and reading through countless threads on the issue and how some people "can't see it" and OnePlus' official statement that "a small number of users" are effected, I've actually demonstrated the issue and how it can be rectified, unsurprisingly by turning the screen the right way around.

The phone would have to go through some redesign for this to happen and, I imagine, there would be cost involved for the company.


Should we, OnePlus customers and fans, have to settle for a design choice that takes away from the end user experience whilst paying a substantially increased price compared to its previous products? I honestly do not believe we should.

OnePlus' tag line is to 'Never Settle'. And that is what I intend on doing. I believe that OnePlus is better than this and they should open a dialogue with their customers on this issue and how it should be best addressed. I have decided to return my OnePlus 5 as the effects of this display are too prominent for everyday use. I accept that for some people it may be a minor inconvenience, however even if this issue is effecting a small minority of people, this should not have to be the case.

I am reluctantly hoping that in 6 months time, OnePlus releases a mid year phone that corrects this display behaviour. I do not believe in hardware product release cycles to be so short, but in this instance I would be willing to make an exception.

To Carl Pei and Pete Lau form an avid OnePlus fan: Please treat this like a problem and fix it.

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