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Carl Douglas McMillon, Walmart CEO, take Ol'Roy off of your shelves. It is KILLING dogs.

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With one click of the above link, you will find some of the saddest product reviews you will EVER encounter. They are written by distraught pet owners. As you can see, dogs are dying by the hundreds when ingesting Ol'Roy dog food. My own dog, Leo, is one of the lucky ones.

*** If you are currently feeding Ol'Roy to your pets, PLEASE STOP IMMEDIATELY! It doesn't matter that "it has never hurt your pet before" because all it takes is one bad bag to kill them. Boy did we learn!  ***

We had purchased Ol'Roy dog food for our Boxer when money was tight. It was a mistake we will never make again. Within a day he was vomiting and had horrible diarrhea. Within two, he was lethargic and truly close to death. A quick research of the product on consumer affairs brought about hundreds of heart broken people who had lost their best friends due to renal failure. We pulled Leo off of it quickly and thankfully he survived... But many did not. I, sadly,  poured over the hundreds of reviews and posted one of my own.

If we don't speak up for these poor souls, who will? Mr. McMillon, you have the power to pull this poison off of your shelves and to never let it return there. This not only hurts your customers pets, but also the families who love them. Surely a large corporation such as your own, would chose customers over money... Cause without them, you make nothing. Saving a couple dollars on dog food is not worth the cost of vet bills and cremation of pets. It certainly is not worth the loss of a loved pet. So, we, the undersigned, challenge you to find something more suitable in a lower price catagory to replace this poison you currently stock. The change MUST happen now, before one more beloved pet dies. 

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