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Stop the abuse of Animals by Sandals Resorts Jamaica

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Upon vacationing at the Sandals resort in Negril, Jamaica I was shocked to see that the resort kept two parrots and a peacock as pets at the resort. The conditions that these birds are living in is both disgusting and inhumane.

Two parrots are locked in a cage with no room to fly even though they are both very large. The birds cry and scream all day long which is not only a nuisance to guests but also heart breaking to hear. These birds have been trapped in this cage for almost 20 years, and you can visibly see the health of these parrots deteriorating. They are losing their gorgeous color, with sores and scabs covering their skin.


The hotel has chosen a peacock as inspiration for their decor, but have taken this to the next level by actually keeping a peacock in the resort as the company's "mascot". I spoke to the workers of the resort and they explained to me that over the past few years the peacock has changed drastically in both appearance and behavior. When the peacock was first brought to the resort his colors were vibrant and his feathers were very long. Now, this animal is forced to live alone, without socializing/mating as they normally would and this has caused the feathers of the peacock to fall out, and has also made the bird visibly upset as it squacks and cries at anyone who approaches it. The locals say they fear the bird because of the attacks when they try to feed him.

These birds are meant to fly, explore and socialize. It is wrong for Sandals to keep these helpless animals for no reason but cruel entertainment. 

Please help me to spread word of this evil tradition within the Sandals resorts worldwide. Not one person has spoken up for these birds in over 20 years. Let's be the change and move these animals into a sanctuary where they can live the rest of their lives in peace. 

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