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Demand to direct all proceeds to the intended recipients.

A friend of mine has a page and everywhere on the page there are phrases like "Give Today", "Donate now to Caringbridge", "Donate now", "Make a tribute donation", etc. People that don't know any better, like myself, may think that they're actually helping out/supporting the person whose page they're following...I know I did. In my case CaringBridge kindly gave me my money back when I contacted them after the transaction.  I hadn't realized 'til the transaction was over that my money was not going to be received by my intended recipient.

I have heard stories from other people that also thought they were directly contributing money to the family of a loved one.

Just today I look at the "tributes" on my friend's page.

"Written Apr 15, 2013 2:00am

In honor of xxxxxxxx Get well buddy, thinking of you and everything is going to work out. I hope you get to go on that African Safari!


I have to wonder if this person donated a lot of money to make his safari dream come true....why else would someone want to remain anonymous?

Another person wrote "Every young person should have the opportunity to mature. Hope this helps."....did they again think they were giving money that would help the individual?


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