Stop Capital & Regional from blocking a bright new future for Luton

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Luton is faced with a once-in-a-lifetime chance for huge transformational change – or a future consigned to the doldrums.

Lutonians and concerned citizens want regeneration, not stagnation, but one multi-national company – with its bases in London and South Africa – thinks it knows better than the people that live, work and play in the town.

Please sign our petition to urge Capital & Regional, owners of The Mall shopping centre, to drop their objection to two major regeneration projects that would boost the local economy by £250million a year and create 10,000 new jobs…and that’s just for starters.

Planning applications for Newlands Park and Power Court were submitted by 2020 Developments Ltd over two years ago and we’re still waiting for a decision from Luton Borough Council. This is despite 11,000 people writing letters and messages of support to the council when the plans were revealed.

That is understood to be a UK planning record!

We’re tired of Luton’s unfair reputation as a ‘crap town’ but it’s an image not helped by a major town centre site – Power Court – which has sat contaminated, derelict and unloved for more than a decade.

This piece of land stands to be rejuvenated with a new riverside space and piazza; 1800-capacity music venue; an award-winning designed new 17,500-seat stadium for Luton Town Football Club, homes, restaurants, bars, community, retail and leisure facilities.

But that’s not all because, to ensure all of that does not cost residents and taxpayers a single penny, a stunning new gateway to the town is planned for Newlands Park by junction 10 of the M1. This is an enabling development which would create much-needed hotel space, leisure facilities and cinema; high-end retail; restaurants and bars and a prestige office development. One development cannot happen without the other, so we need both.

These developments are designed to complement the existing town centre facilities, including retail, but Capital & Regional, are objecting to Newlands Park and have mistakenly misconstrued this as a threat to The Mall shopping centre. It is not. Everyone stands to benefit.

The #saveourtown campaign group says enough is enough. It is time to stand up for OUR TOWN and demand the progress we want and deserve. Sign our petition to urge Capital & Regional to reconsider their stance and get onboard with what Luton wants and needs.

#saveourtown is a positive campaign and so we would appreciate it if you could make any comments to Capital & Regional polite and respectful.

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