Resident Evil 4 Remake

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Resident Evil 4 has always been one of my favorite games ever made, and ever since the Resident Evil 2 Remake with the new graphic design and everything was announced I wanted them to remake RE4. I know a lot of people want this, and the game is a masterpiece and it deserves to be updated and played by people who are new to the series. I love this game and I know this remake would make a lot of people happy and will bring a lot of new followers. Just being able to see all the characters and bosses and the nostalgia of being able to fight/see them all again with up to date graphics and sound design would be amazing and bring all my childhood dreams to life. I am very passionate about this game, and I am ready for a remake, if you want this game as much as I do, sign this petition and lets show Capcom what we want.