Monster Hunter World Trophy/Achievement Crown Change

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I've spent a good amount of time farming gold crowns, about 250 hours (that's of my 450 or so hours of play time). I've had to deal with your terrible server hiccups that have cost me gold crowns (like this where I get stuck with 15 minute quest timer max, a good portion of it gone, and a multiplayer scaled tempered Kirin). I am not the only one that has had to deal with this amount of grind for achieving a trophy/achievement/goal.

I do not think ANY Achievement/Trophy should be RNG based in the first place. Yes, I know that the games of old were RNG in how to get gold crowns, I have been playing regularly since Freedom Unite/Tri (same-ish time mostly cause I didn't get Freedom Unite right at the same time as it came out, but a little before Tri came out and I got that). But that doesn't mean we should keep this system. Appeal to Tradition is a fallacy after all.

How about the system be smart enough to work like some MMOs. If someone has killed a monster (actually killed, so it would really not help for people just sniping), if that monster is not a gold size that you don't have yet, then the chance for that gold crown increases. That way at least someone is working TOWARDS something and just waiting for RNG to actually give them a break and the servers to not mess up. Another option would be to implement armor that has a skill that increases the odds for crown sizes. Such as:

lvl 1 slightly increases chance for tiny monsters to appear
lvl 2 increases the chance
lvl 3 guarantees it

Yes, there are events that help with gold crowns, but that's still RNG based there and people can still get bad luck. And the events are timed only. Some people travel for work or miss out on events because of real life. And a game, especially one that can be played entirely single player, should not force a player to get on the game's time, the game should be on the player's time (given this is supposed to be for entertainment).

So, I'm hoping we can get some more to consider fixing the system of RNG. Especially towards trophies/achievements.