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Nine years ago, an unexpected collaboration from the heavens happened to grace Japanese Wiis: that collaboration was Tatsunoko vs Capcom, a stylish 2.5D crossover fighting game that pit the characters of several Tatsunoko-produced anime (such as Gatchaman, Casshern, Tekkaman, etc) against the heroes of Capcom from plenty of its own series (e.g. Street Fighter, Mega Man, Onimusha, etc). With it's insane hyper combos, energetic aesthetic, and a highly enthusiastic battle commentator, this game was what we needed but did not deserve. Two years later, translated and ported worldwide with some additions to gameplay and new characters entering the fray, the game gained a wider audience amongst Capcom Versus Series fans and Wii owners. However, it was consistently passed over during its lifetime due to it being a fighting game on the Wii featuring characters that most people would not be familiar with on the Tatsunoko side. But as time progressed, the fanbase for Tatsunoko vs Capcom has grown exponentially since then due to fighting game fans acknowledging its contributions towards shaping up future versus games (particularly Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite), its flashy and robust combat mechanics, its bold yet diverse roster, incredible soundtrack, and due to a YouTuber in particular showing off the glory of the game: Maximilian Dood.


With all these factors included, as well as the e-Sports success of Street Fighter V and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and sales success of the Switch, there would never be a better time for Capcom to capitalize on their fighting game success than now with a dedicated sequel to Tatsunoko vs Capcom exclusively on the Switch. It would be the perfect counterpart to Marvel vs Capcom, just how in many ways, Tatsunoko vs Capcom was the parallel to Marvel vs Capcom 3 at the time. If Tatsunoko and Capcom team up once more for an exclusive on the Switch, players on the Switch won't miss out on the crazy action of the versus series, thus attracting new and old players, TvC fans get their sequel, Nintendo gets more console sales, Tatsunoko gets more advertising for their franchises, Capcom dominates e-Sports yet again with another fighting game, this time one that is mobile and can be competed in literally anywhere. MvCI's gameplay mechanics already provides an impressive precursor to what a TvC2 could potentially play like, all that would need to be done is to differentiate it to make it stand out as a Switch fighting game, and there are plenty more Tatsunoko and Capcom characters that have yet to cross worlds, let alone the number of Capcom characters that have yet to even be featured in a versus fighting game. THIS COULD BE THEIR TIME TO SHINE! This could be Capcom and Tatsunoko's chance to make so many happy gamers and anime fans, it'd be foolish not to at least take this into consideration. The Switch is starting to be taken more seriously and so is Tatsunoko vs Capcom. With that in mind, the time is now to make the comeback we've always wanted. Tatsunoko, on behalf of the rest of the Fighting Game Community, please grant Capcom the licensing to use for the game. Capcom, make the game as rich in content and as fun as possible! And Nintendo, please allow Capcom to make this exclusive to the Switch. More third party games means more of a reason to buy the Switch, especially if those third party games are exclusives. In this situation, everybody wins, especially the FGC! So let's all work together to make this amazing idea a reality!