Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 2d fighting game made by capcom for PS4, XBOX ONE, SWITCH & PC

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As we all know, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a franchise that's been around for longer that Dragon Ball Z, and somehow doesn't even have half the amount of fighting games dedicated to it that the latter has had over the years. "Whatever", you may say, "many fight-oriented mangas or animes have been made throughout the years and haven't even seen a single good game dedicated to them" which is true, but honestly, have you seen any manga or anime with more potential than JoJo? Love it or Hate it, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is one of the best selling mangas of all time and for good reason: its unique, colorful, interesting, and would make for a hell of a good fighting game, provided that it's well made of course. 

If you have seen or read JoJo, and maybe played both its 2013 game "All Star Battle" (which was awesome) and its 1998 capcom-made 2D game (also amazing), then you know that a well crafted JoJo fighting game can be both fresh and super fun. I love fighting games and I love JoJo. Eyes of Heaven, the latest JoJo game, left me worried and disappointed. Dissapointed that it wasn't a 2D fighting game like All Star Battle, with more focus on the competitive level, and worried that (although I love that game) if it did well, developers would give up on 2d and go into the 3D experience when it comes to JoJo. It's been 5 years since "All Star Battle". The game stopped being updated and supported a while ago. Since the shift to PS4, the game became almost obsolete, and although I still love it, i admit it had some issues. The team that made that game did a fantastic job with fan service but forgot to create a competitive game to engage online action, and that hurt its lifespan almost immediately.

So, my wish is to see a good JoJo fighting game. One that can be supported year after year with good competition and a complex, yet easy to approach battle system. Something made by the masters of 2D fighting games: Capcom

I was playing Street Fighter 5 the other night, and couldn't help but notice how buffed the characters look. Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Guile... they look like they were stripped from the pages of Stardust Crusaders! So imagine a good, functioning game that looks just like Street Fighter 5, only that instead of Ryu, you'll play as Jotaro or Josuke, and you'll summon your stand and go online to kick other people's butts. The game would look and play amazing, would revitalize the franchise and breathe new life into it both in the east and the west, and would give players a brand new, fresh experience. Instead of yer another street fighter, another Tekken, another KoF, let's try a brand new game. Something with the potential to break some rules and make new ones. 

Of course, it goes without saying, I'm a big nobody and can't make any decisions inside capcom, but if only enough people signed this petition, maybe the idea wouldn't be so crazy. Let Capcom see this. The world knows that anime fighting games are not to be underestimated. Arc System Works is making good money with their Dragon Ball Z game, so why not pick the next big franchise and do your own anime hit game? JoJo is perfect. Its proven that people will buy it, considering the success of ASB and EOH, and the manga it's been around for a long time and has enough characters to make a game worthy of anyone's time. And the best part: even those who hate anime would love JoJo because of how weird and good-looking it is. Leave the My Hero Academia and Seven Deadly Sins games to the noobs, and let's make a game that'll last decades alive. Let's make a Capcom JoJo's Bizarred Adventure 2D Fighting game!!!