Devil May Cry 5: Add Vergil as a Playable Character

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With the release of the 5th installment, of the Devil May Cry series, we were introduced with a ton of new and exciting things. We got to play some of our old heroes such as Dante and Nero, followed with a new face, named V. Along with tons of new abilities, and items added to the game, we have yet to expect a few old characters to be playable, and one of them being a fan favourite, is Vergil. 

Capcom has announced there will be a Bloody Palace update, and that they will eventually release new characters. However, I am not sure when or even if, they will do the same for Vergil. We dedicated Vergil fans have enjoyed slaying demons in the special edition of the Devil May Cry games, and are expecting to hopefully do the same in the future of Devil May Cry 5. 

Capcom is now waiting on their fans to deliver them a strong enough message, for them to put Vergil in the game, and the only ones who can deliver that message, is us, the Vergil fans. We the fans, can let Capcom know how much we love and want Vergil to be released, seeing as he is one of the fan favourites for a plethora of reasons. 

So on behalf of all the fans wanting Vergil to be hopefully added into the game, I am crossing my fingers. I hope Capcom listens and hears out our voices. After all, a Devil May Cry game with Vergil as the antagonist, just wouldn't be the same without him being playable. 

Thank you and hope you consider this request.