Bring "Okami HD" to the Nintendo Switch

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On September 12th 2017, Capcom confirmed that Okami HD, the remastered version of Clover Studio's cult classic, will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC. This strikingly beautiful action/adventure game surely deserves to be played by as many people as possible, and it's not the first time that it gets ported (Wii, then PS3), but not releasing it on a rapidly expanding platform such as Nintendo Switch is not just a potentially major lost opportunity for customers, but also for the company itself to gain more sales, more recognition for this game.  Why a "major lost opportunity" for both sides?

1) Switch's userbase is currently pretty hungry for experiences of different kinds: for example, Super Bomberman R was at over 500,000 copies sold back in March, Capcom's own Ultra Street Fighter 2 saw incredibly high sales, so much that the company decided to "bring more content to the system" (so far, such words translated to the RE: Revelations Collection). Disgaea 5: Complete is going to surpass the original game's sales on PS4 in the West. Also, several indie games that sold more on the Switch than elsewhere, even combined (forma.8, Oceanhorn to name some of them)

2) Switch's flexibility adds increased value to single player games: the possibility to pick up your system and bringing the experience wherever you want is an attractive proposition, especially for older customers who have families and jobs

3) Switch's flexibility plays a role for the game itself as well: motion controls for the Celestial Brush at home, touch controls on the go.

4) In a recent interview, Capcom CEO shared how their market analyses highlighted that the Switch is getting bought also by people who have never bought a game console in Japan. This means potential market expansion, new customers that can discover formerly ignored games like the original Okami.

5) It shouldn't be a major undertaking to port the game to the Switch, since it's a PS2 game already remastered in the past few years. A possibly cheap porting operation with potentially good / great ROI margins.

This is why I believe both sides (customers and companies) lose by not making Okami HD available on the Nintendo Switch, even if it has to come later than the other systems. 

So, it's time to show our passion and commitment to Capcom (while being civil, otherwise we won't get our message across)!

Thanks to everyone who's going to join the initiative :)

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