Bring back Monster Hunter Tri Online Servers on the Wii!

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I really want to bring back Monster Hunter Tri Online Servers on the Nintendo Wii. The online option of Monster Hunter actually has more quests, items, features, and monsters. Capcom actually put more development into the online feature more than the offline. This means they basically threw 75% of features away back in 2013. They spent over a year of hard work and dumped it. I cannot switch to newer games and systems because of insufficient funds and me and hundreds of other players don't want to move on. All you have to do is reactivate servers. We really don't need maintenance being added. You can work on adding back Wii Speak though. Here is the deal: If this topic gets 1,000 votes, you have to reactivate Monster Hunter Tri Online Servers. Just please; you may get more profit if this happens. I really miss it. When I bought the game in 2012, I had no WiFi. Later in 2014, I completed the offline mode and got internet and I never got a chance to try it out or complete it 100%. If you cannot find a way, help other players and add a transfer feature to bring old hard-earned data to new games.


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