Stop the culling of stray dogs in DHA Karachi

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Neither legislative reforms such as the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Amendment) Act, 2018,and its enforcement in August 2018, nor recurrent social backlash has so far brought a permanent end to the culling of stray dogs in the Clifton/Defence Karachi, where two dogs were shot in broad daylight in the Bukhari Commercial area on February 12th, 2019. The killings were met with an immediate protest from the witnesses, as a result of which the responsible authorities immediately fled the scene. However given their previous record, there is no guarantee that they will not resume this atrocity elsewhere soon. Thus, this is an urgent, and humble appeal to the President of the Cantonment Board Clifton to regard their homeless and voiceless residents with more humane alternatives which they have at their disposal, including but not limited to rehabilitation or castration if they must.

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"Together, lets keep Clifton Cantonment clean and green"- and not stained blood red.