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NO to Padstow Mosque

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We are a group business owners and local residents of Padstow gathered to oppose Development Application 1267-2016 to build a Mosque at 15-19 Enterprise Avenue, Padstow 2211.

We, the representatives of Padstow Resident Group are writing on behalf of the residents and businesses of Padstow as we are concerned about matters surrounding this proposed Development Application.


We are concerned that given the lack of preparedness of Bankstown Council during the last Development Application being DA 552-2015 (in 2015) which was approved by the Land and Environment Court on 5 January 2016, by the same applicant for single lot DP 220041 at 19 and 20 Enterprise Avenue, Padstow , we therefore demand that Council keeps the public, particularly the members of the Action Group and all local residents and businesses of Padstow informed and up to date as to every aspect of this matter.

We understand from conversations with Council representatives last time, that a “Deemed Refusal” of the Application occurred as a result of the Applicant not complying with Application procedures ie – not all required documentation for the Application was given for Council to make a suitable assessment and decision.

That “Deemed Refusal” resulted in Land and Environment Court Proceedings where the Applicant was fully prepared yet Council in our opinion wasn’t – Council DID NOT have any Traffic, Acoustic or Independent Town Planner’s reports and if it did, such evidence was not used in the court case.  Council also DID NOT request an extension of time from the Court so as to prepare these reports and this in our opinion, is not good enough nor, will such in our opinion, carelessness, negligence and disregard be accepted by the local residents and businesses this time.

Further, on the day of the Land and Environment Court Hearing at Macquarie Street, representatives of Council who attended Court proceedings stated to representatives of Stop the Mosque Padstow who were called to give ‘evidence’ at Court that “Council was unable to find any company who was prepared to provide these reports”.  That, in our opinion, was an excuse and such excuse will not be accepted this time.

To ensure that Council’s (in our opinion) incompetence and disregard for its’ local residents and businesses is not on display again and is not to  the detriment and loss to the Padstow Community, we the members of the Action Group demand, that given the large scale of this DA and the high level of controversy caused by the previous DA on the same site as well as, this current one and taking into consideration the complex environmental and social impact of this DA, that Council:

1.     remains fully transparent in this matter;


2.     keep the Padstow Residents duly informed publicly of any developments in this matter – in particular, regular updates in the Local Newspaper and letters to all residents duly affected by this and those who have sent a letter of objection;


3.     keep the representatives and members of the action group fully informed of any matters concerning the Development Application.  For example, we would like to be advised immediately if all required documentation has been submitted for this Development Application;

4.     all meetings with the Applicant be Minuted and be made available for public record;

5.     Advise if it is employing a Town Planner and obtaining Acoustic and Traffic Reports and if not, why not?

6.     Advise immediately If this matter is a “deemed refusal” and on what grounds.

7.     We believe, considering there have been extensive objections to this Development Application, that residents should be given an opportunity to voice their concerns in a forum with Council.  We note that Penrith City Council is giving their residents a forum to voice their concerns regarding a significant Development Application which is similar. In good faith, respect and fairness, Canterbury Bankstown Council should be obligated and willing to do the same.

8.     Extend the period of assessment date for at least two months to allow fo sufficient expert opinion to be obtained as well as, proper community consultation and feedback.

As you would no doubt be aware, the residents and businesses of Padstow do not have Council Representatives to represent them on such an important matter that will impact the community and surrounding suburbs forever. 

We believe that Council is not doing anything to alleviate any concerns that residents or business owners have nor, doing the right and respectful thing by them, the rate payers of this area.  Only this weekend the owner of the premises was once again, cutting down in our opinion, fine healthy trees.  Can you please confirm that permission was granted for the removal of these trees? If not, we are more than happy to provide evidence for you to proceed with relevant action. 

This matter is of significant concern and requires immediate and ongoing duty of care and attention by the Council to the ratepayers, residents and businesses of the Padstow Community. 

We are aware that many residents and businesses owners of Padstow and members of the Action Group have attempted to contact different representatives of Council and to date,  most phone calls and/or questions have gone unanswered. That is not good enough! Every concerned resident and business owner has a right to have their concerns answered particularly in light of there being no Council representatives available.  

We do not want to see a repeat of the fiasco that occurred previously and we are sure that Council does not want to see that again nor, risk having a decision made by someone who does not even live in the area and is impacted by their own decision. 

We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

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