Developments and refurbishments of cricket facilities at Parry Park, Lakemba.

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Dear Sir,

We, the undersigned, would like to propose a few suggestions to be considered into refurbishing and developing the cricket facilities in Parry Park by the Canterbury Bankstown City Council.

We are sure council is aware of the fact that there’s a large contingent of cricket loving community around Parry Park, living in Belmore, Lakemba, Wiley Park, Punchbowl and Greenacre. Many locals, including Australians of Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi origins are big fans of cricket and currently play cricket almost every day in Parry Park in some form or shape. Many local kids are involved in various cricket clubs, including Lakemba Sports, located in Parry Park.  This year 2 teams (U11 and U13) from Lakemba sports participated in junior cricket under Canterbury and Western Suburb Junior cricket competition. Both of the teams played in grand final with U13 became champion and U11 became runners up in their respective age groups.

However, due to the lack of appropriate facilities and space in Parry park many local kids travel to Kingsgrove, Padstow, Bankstown (e.g. John Mackay Centre) to train during the season. Many cricket lovers simply don’t play as they don’t see appropriate facilities within the Parry Park. If adequate facilities are provided hundreds of junior and adult cricketers will be immensely benefited, greatly contributing to the social and physical welfare of thousands of locals.

We have noticed that council is about to refurbish the only concrete net located in Parry park. We are not aware of the specifics of this works to be done by the council. However, we are assuming that council is going to build a few appropriate and modern cricket nets instead of the current concrete built pitch and net which is really obsolete and not fit for playing/training cricket. May we suggest a few points for your kind consideration in relation to this particular refurbishment work along with the broader Parry park master plan that has already been at planning stage. It should be mentioned here that these suggestions have also been incorporated in a previous petition/submission by Lakemba Sports. This petition was submitted as part of feedback asked by council regarding Parry Park master plan

a.       Indoor training turf: Would you please consider building an indoor cricket facility similar to John Mackay Centre at Bankstown Memorial Oval at Parry park. An indoor facility comprised of 4 turf lanes/pitches, along with toilet and small kitchen sink with drinking facility would greatly influence the locals to participate in cricket on a larger scale. Additionally, Council would be able to earn substantial amount of money by renting this facility to the interested clubs/individuals. We are absolutely sure there won’t be any shortage of interests from adjoining cricket loving communities should an indoor facility is built in Parry Park.

b.      Outdoor training turfs/nets: At least 4 turfs/nets would be really great to cater for hundreds, if not thousands, of cricket loving community members.

c.       Refurbishment of existing 2 cricket pitches and their adjoining grounds:This will immensely assist the current cricket playing community members in organising various community based cricket tournaments throughout the year round. Besides, the existing club cricket competition organised by local cricket association (Canterbury and Western Suburb Cricket Association), under the guidance of Cricket Australia will also be benefitted with the refurbished pitches.

As cricket loving community around Parry park, we can assure you that we’ll always stand with the council when it comes to any development in relation to cricket. Many of us breathe and live cricket. We will not leave any stone unturned to have the opportunity to upgrade our cricket facilities in Parry park. Your kind assistance in relation to this will be highly appreciated by the wider community.