Review of unexplained death case where RCMP suppressed evidence & innocents were punished

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This travesty of justice could happen to anyone if the justice system is not corrected.

In 2000, a scandal rocked Canada amid allegations that police officers were killing aboriginal (First Nations) men by leaving them to die in the cold. This was reported world-wide, causing the largest investigation of its kind in Canadian history. A month after the allegations were made by journalists, a so-called "witness" surfaced who claimed that the police had been somehow involved in his friend's death 10 years earlier. The RCMP ignored evidence that this allegation was a hoax.  They ignored key and critical evidence that the police officers who were targeted were innocent of any wrongdoing. A public inquiry was held. Even though the RCMP investigation was recognized as being potentially corrupted by bias and malice, this was ignored. The RCMP "investigators" were never called to provide evidence under oath. There was no tangible evidence produced that the targeted police officers suspected of wrongdoing engaged in any act of misconduct, as confirmed by the single RCMP officer who testified. Nevertheless, the public inquiry implicated Constables Hartwig and Senger in the death of Neil Stonechild.

The officers were fired in disgrace with very little protection or recourse under the law. Public inquiries are not to be used as a substitute for a criminal trial as there are virtually NO rules of evidence, a person has no right to call evidence or defend themselves, and have almost no recourse under the law. ANYONE can have an allegation made against them many years after the fact and have no way of defending themselves.

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