Ban Single Use Plastics in Ontario

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The Issue

In Ontario, a single person produces around a tonne of waste per year. We as Canadians should uphold the responsibility of keeping our country, and Earth clean. If we continue to produce and waste the amount of plastic we currently do, by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. By supporting the ban of single use plastics in Ontario, this will help fight the overall issue of global warming. Do your part, please take one minute out of your day to sign this petition and share your voice. 

The Goal

The purpose of this petition is to influence Canadians to become more cautious of wasteful consumption habits. I realize banning all single use plastics may be an unrealistic goal, however through raising awareness I hope I can convince people to switch to sustainable products, ultimately decreasing the use of plastics in Canadians. 

Moving Forward

Here are some simple changes you can make to support this cause. 

- Purchase reusable items such as; reusable water bottles, coffee cups, cutlery, etc.

- Properly dispose of waste (compost, recycle)

- Pick up litter to ensure our wildlife stays protected

- Decline straws when offered, and instead purchase reusable straws (metal, biodegradable, paper)

- Bring your own bags when shopping, whether this be groceries, clothing, etc.

- Purchase package free items (shampoo bars, package free produce, metal razors)