Stop Wireless Phone Companies From Lowering Used Smartphone Value Through Blacklisting

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CWTA NEEDS To Require Police Reporting Approval To Add Devices To "Lost OR Stolen" BlackList

Wireless Blacklists Circumvent Police Resources Ripping Off All Canadians

Freedom Mobile, Telus, Bell, Rogers, Fido, koodo, Virgin Are All Blindly Complicit In A New FRAUD Scam!

One day just before Christmas I thought it would be nice to upgrade my phone. I went on Facebook Marketplace and found a current model for sale for cash. I asked the person if they were willing to show me a drivers lisence & write me a receipt and she said sure. I figured between going to her home and viewing her ID I would be protecting myself from difficulties.

Little did I know I was just involved in a new & popular FRAUD SCAM that is the result of the intentions of mobile phone providers to curb theft. This new scam involves selling a phone and then adding it to a "non vetted" blacklist that the wireless providers dreamed up that just so happens to circumvent Canadian Tax Payer Legal Protection THE POLICE! For 60 days after your purchase you can be screwed.

Through the CWTA "Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association" creation of companies like Telus Mobility, Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless, Speak Out, Virgin Mobile & fido have thrust themselves between the authorities or police forces & the legal avenues of the people that pay for the police forces in Canada to mediate lost & stolen goods.

These companies have given themselves 60 days to bannish your phone from the networks having NEVER notified the police.

CWTA members while hiding behind the privacy act are aiding & abbetting criminal acts of fraud with blacklists police are not involved in. When a device is added to these lists it MUST be added to an accessible list for police to access the original report & complainant OR should NEVER be blocked/blacklisted without a police file number.

When reporting lost & stolen articles of property this act MUST be in cooperation with Canadian Law Enforcement.

Reporting a device lost or stolen MUST open a subscriber to identification to law enforcement as they ARE the ultimate mediator for lost & stolen property.

Phone companies cannot be permitted to STEAL this job from police forces and permit fraudsters to hide behind their feeble attempts to circumvent Canadian laws.

Join me Now in calling for changes that actually protect Canadians and the resale value of their devices.