Remove Justin Trudeau's' Government if he pays any Tax Payers money to Kinder Morgan

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Justin Trudeau and numerous Parliamentarians are attempting to make a HUGE payoff to Kinder Morgan. This pipeline was never approved by the Canadian People. Kinder Morgan has failed to even apply for many of the permits and applications to carry out this project yet Kinder Morgan proceeded to work regardless. To work without all documentation and licensing in place would be Kinder Morgans  gamble, not taxpayers. Canadians have been clear that we care about our environment and do not wish for this project to proceed. If Justin Trudeau or his co-conspirators pay any money to Kinder Morgan it shall be a betrayal of the Canadian People and we shall demand his personal and his party's  immediate removal from office. We Canadians must draw a line in the sand. Politicians use our tax dollars as their own Piggy Banks. This must stop! Our tax dollars need be respected! Tax Payers need to be respected!