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We believe that the CMA should no longer be charge of decisions being made when it comes to Canadian racers and teams who wish to compete internationally.

It’s time for a change! More than 20 years ago, the CMA (Canadian Motorcycle Association) may have been a relevant sanctioning body, but the landscape has GREATLY changed since then. It's arguable that they do not have the largest membership base, are not involved with promotion of Canada’s biggest professional and amateur championships, and many feel that they do not know what is in the best interest of the sport in Canada, our riders and our efforts to compete at international events.

In motocross, specifically, CMA has held ownership over the participation of ‘Team Canada’ at the Annual ‘Motocross of Nations’ event. This event invites each country to send their three best racers to compete against each other every year. Because the FIM (the international sanctioning body that controls this event), still recognizes the CMA as Canada’s motorcycle sanctioning body and voice, it doesn’t allow any other group, organization or individual to manage Team Canada at the MXoN.

This is not right, because the CMA doesn’t support or promote a true National Motocross Racing Series in Canada; they do not have the largest membership base and have been essentially irrelevant when it comes to active relationships within the industry and enthusiasts. This has been the case for far too long.

We have the people, powers and passion in place to properly build and sustain a professional and recognized Team Canada program, but with the CMA holding the torch, we are severely limited in what can be done to better our team, the riders and, ultimately, the health of the sport in Canada and how we are perceived on the world stage.

We strongly encourage the FIM, Canadian motorcycle enthusiasts and our industry, to publicly recognize that it doesn’t make sense to have the CMA tied-in with major happenings, such as the MXoN, and that we must make a change.

By selecting a ‘Board of Directors’—separate of the CMA—to manage Team Canada, there will be enhanced opportunity for sponsorship-dollars to fund the Team, notoriety and publicity will increase, and Canada’s overall presence on the international racing scene would be elevated.

We request that anyone with an interest in growing the sport in Canada—for our riders, for our promoters and track owners, for all of us who have a passion for two wheels—that you would sign this petition, making it publicly clear to the FIM, the Canadian motorcycle industry and enthusiasts around the world that we DO NOT AGREE with the CMA currently holding rights over Canada's participation at the Motocross of Nations and other international competition events.

Instead of the CMA, we desire to see a respected ‘Board of Directors’ put into place, possibly through the MCC (Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada) who would control management of the team, how riders are selected, and how funds are generated to support Canada’s effort on the world stage.

It’s time for a change in the sport of motocross and off-road in Canada. Your voice counts. Please support the growth and development of a proper Team Canada effort at the MXoN and all international two wheel racing programs. We hope you will sign this petition to make it known to the FIM that a change is needed.