Canadian leaders: Act like we’re in a climate emergency

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The UN has just brought world leaders together in New York for a global climate summit that could bring humanity back from the brink of climate chaos. 

I’ve read the reports, and I think about what the future holds for me and my two children. The fires and floods that we are seeing today are just a preview of what’s to come if our politicians let us down.

In the last few years, the Canadian government has started to take action for our climate, but it’s too little, and soon it will be too late. Our government has declared a climate emergency, but our politicians aren’t acting like it’s real. 

Will Canada do its part? This is the Canadian version of a global petition calling on world leaders to go #AllInForClimateAction at the UN summit. There are local petitions started by people in 70 countries, all delivered to the UN Secretary General. Sign this petition to add your name and show that Canadians want bold climate action to: 

  1. Cut global warming in line with 1.5 degree threshold that scientists say will avert the worst damage
  2. Ensure that all climate plans include a just transition for workers, support for the communities hardest hit by climate change and reconciliation with First Nations people

I’ve worked in energy efficiency for years. We have the technology, we just need our politicians to treat the climate emergency like it’s an urgent crisis, and bring us all together to build a cleaner, better world.

I’ve lived in three provinces and wherever I go I meet Canadians who love our environment and want us to do our part to stop catastrophic climate change. Let’s show the world that it is possible to support policies and solutions that cut global warming and protect the most vulnerable.

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