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Petitioning President, Canadian Lacrosse Association Joey Harris and 2 others

Canadian Lacrosse Association: Repeal CLA Policy 12.4 & Reinstate Previous Policy For Helmets & Facemasks

There are an exceptional number of players that are suffering facial injuries due to the new masks, including major lacerations to the nose & chin area. Moreover, the new masks offer no protection to the jaw or neck.

Letter to
President, Canadian Lacrosse Association Joey Harris
VP Organizational Development, Canadian Lacrosse Association Terry Rowland
Dave Pym
Please Repeal CLA Policy 12.4 & Reinstate Previous Policy For Helmets & Face-masks. Although, the intention of the the policy change was sound in judgement, the new cages are not safe for use in the sport of lacrosse. The number of facial injuries & severe lacerations to the chin, nose & eye area continues to rise not just at the Senior Level of Competition but at the Minor Level as well.

It is our intention to persuade you as the key decision makers for Canadian Lacrosse to repeal Policy No. 12.4 & reinstate the previous policy.

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