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When the world discovered the World Dog Show 2019 was to be held in China, there was global uproar and rightly so. How can a country which maims, butchers and brutally tortures millions of dogs every year be granted such a privilege? Many individuals opposed the decision; several courageous kennel clubs took it upon themselves to release strong statements, objecting to this outrageous event. However, their protests fell on deaf ears, further exacerbated by FCI, the supposed charitable organisation which runs the event, who swiftly silenced them with threats of sanctions. And when it came to the general public, FCI showed even greater contempt - despite a petition with over 600,000 signatures calling for FCI to move the event to a more humane, civilised nation, FCI made it perfectly clear that their decision was final and that was the end of that.

But it is not the end. While we cannot appeal to the dictatorial entity which is FCI, we can appeal to our kennel clubs and urge them to announce their withdrawal from this event. In 2015, the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) released the following statement:

"CKC denounces the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and encourages FCI to consider the implications of its appointment of China as host of the World Dog Show and the strong message it would send to revoke the privilege.

While 2019 is still four years away, immediate action is encouraged against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival with the intent of bring it to an end. We have an opportunity to send a definitive message that there is solidarity in the international dog community against cruelty and inhumane attitudes towards dogs and the determination to take action against them."

The CKC are quite right - we do have an opportunity to send a definitive message that there is solidarity in the dog community against cruelty to dogs in China. As FCI have made it perfectly clear their decision is final, the only opportunity left to us is the urge the Canadian Kennel Club to announce its withdrawal - which includes putting pressure on its judges who have accepted CKU's invitations to judge the show and urging them to withdraw.

As a Canadian and a dog lover, I was both horrified and ashamed to learn there are two Canadian judges who have agreed to participate in this event: Kim Ramey-Leblanc and John Reeve-Newson. To know that representatives from my country have chosen to affiliate themselves with this disgraceful event not only brings shame both to myself and to many others, but it flies in the face of CKC's original statement about solidarity. CKC have made it perfectly clear that they agree the best course of action would be to revoke the privilege of China hosting the show; how, then, can CKC judges accept this invitation, knowing full well that NOTHING has been done about Yulin since 2015, knowing that the Canadian Kennel Club object to the show being hosted in China and knowing that they willingly leave CKC open to accusations of hypocrisy when they attend the show in their name? There needs to be a unified front from the international community opposing this decision, just as CKC expressed in their statement four years ago. Therefore we, the undersigned, urge the Canadian Kennel Club to put pressure on these two judges to announce their withdrawal, just as we urge Kim Ramey-Leblanc and John Reeve-Newson to send a strong message to the Chinese Government that the civilised world does not approve of their treatment of dogs. Contrary to FCI's assertions that the best way to do this is to attend the show, we who possess a modicum of common sense know full well that the best, most efficient message we could send is not via attendance - which merely condones their behaviour - but through withdrawal, which condemns it. We ask everyone to sign and share this petition widely to ensure that Canada plays no part in this affair and that they follow the lead of the United Kingdom, who have already announced their withdrawal from this insulting, outrageous spectacle.


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