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Chris was charged with murder in 2009 after giving an aquaintance a car ride to his suggested location after a party.Chris had no knowledge or no involvement in this murder.Chris graduated from high school in 2009,completed his carpentry apprentise and join the union and was looking forward to start working in 2009.Chris also played soccer for Canada,Ontario,Etobicoke and alsp played and trained in England with Blackburn Rovers and Burmingham City.False evidence of Chris been in a gang was presented in 2012 to enchance a guilty verdict.Chris was never in a gang,this was not his character or behaviour.Chris was a voluneer at his neignbour community centre on more than one occassion.Chris had no prior criminal record or had ever been in jail before.

The carding of Christopher started in 2008 by Toronto Police ,it did not matter if Chris was in full school uniform or not,he would be carded by Toronto Police,these cardings only ended in 2009 when my son was wrongfully charged.Chris was only known to Toronto Police because of carding,Chris had no criminal records.Each time my son was carded a full description and color of this clothing was documented and these informations were introduce as evidences at my son's trial in 2012 with testimonies from Toronto Police.My son was falsely accused of been a gang member and gang leader because of a photo of  a bunch of black guys that was taken in 2007,my son was 17 years old and because my son was standing in the middle that made him the gang leader and because the guys were black that made them a gang.Three of the guys that were in the photo and were  falsely accused of been gang members were at my son's trial to defend themselves and testified against false accusations of themselves or my son been in any gang activities.The gang name the police created was never heard of before and will never be heard of this gang again because there is no such gang.

In 2008 my son made  a written complaint to Police complaint bureau,well the feedback that my  son received after was that the police were justified in there actions towards him,even though my son felt threaten.Was this a revenge in the making for my son's complaint.

Chris's jurors were not a juror's of his Peers.