Farhad Zahedifar has been charged with billions of fraud and has filed for bankruptcy.

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An iranian fraud named farhad zahedifar has recently scamme over 3000 people in iran and he is refusing to give the money back.

Our justice ministry and police are trying to arrest him but it is most likely that he has escaped the country.

Now we need your assist as brothers and friendly neighbors, we beg for help because he stole our home and childrens money, he embezzled our lifetime of hard work, he caused distress and sickness to many of us. we need your support to bring this fraud and his family into justice.

We have information that he is trying to escape to another country like Canada .

On 13th of September he has registered new company under the name "AYLİN GIDA SANAYİ VE TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ" in Turky and he is trying to use this company to get the citizenship of another counrty as fast as he can.

We also have informed that his wife "faranak roshaniasl" and daughter "aylin zahedifar"
have traveled from Tabriz to Istanbul on 16th of September and they are currently staying there.

We ask you to first strongly forbid them from leaving your country and after you investigate the situation deport them to iran for their interrogation and punishment.

With the order of the interrogator of Branch 5 of the Tehran's District 31 Court, all bank accounts were blocked by Farhad Zahedifar Coin Manager.

The "Samen Coin", which was sold to people in the cyberspace of gold and coins, was charged with billions of fraud and declared bankruptcy.

Passport number Farhad Zahedifar:


his wife faranak roshaniasl: