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Stop Quebec Bill 59

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People are trying to impose Islamic blasphemy law right here in Canada, RIGHT NOW! You may or may not have heard about the Quebec Bill 59 but it will affect us all.

Bill 59 will enforce Islamic Sharia Law, making it a crime to question or criticize or ridicule an idea. This is a law that would explicitly infringe upon our rights to free speech. Be it in person, on a street, or even on the internet. (Facebook, YouTube, websites ect..)

Bill 59 is put forward under the guise of being anti hate speech, but we already have laws against hate speech. In truth this bill is anti Free Speech.
Bill 59 is put forward under the guise of preventing “speech inciting violence”, but does not define what speech inciting violence is. It is already illegal to convince others to commit violence.
Bill 59 will also come with hefty fines attached, from 1000-10000$. Large fines for speaking, expressing an opinion on an idea. The idea of Islam.
Bill 59 will also see that anyone who says something about Islam that another person deems "offensive", regardless of its factuality, will have their name posted on a public website for a period of time to be determined. There was a time in history when something very similar happened. It was the Salem witch trials.

This bill is not only not needed but flies in the face of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It criminalizes criticism of Islam and anything considered an Islamic practice (Honour killings, honour rape, FGM, female oppression, beating of wives and children and more..)

FREE SPEECH must be defended. This bill 59 will kill your right to free speech and at the same time enforce Sharia Law in Canada.

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