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Allow John Calvin to stay.

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"Imagine if, because of your religion, political beliefs and sexuality, your own family would have you killed. Imagine if the only way you could survive was to escape the society you were raised in. And now imagine you’d made a new life for yourself in a different country – only to be told you were about to be deported back to those who want you dead.

John Calvin doesn’t have to imagine any of this. Raised by a Hamas-supporting family in the West Bank – his grandfather was one of the founding fathers of the group - this young Palestinian man was indoctrinated to believe in violence, anti-Semitism, and an extreme interpretation of Islam. However, by the age of 15 he began to question these beliefs, beginning a journey that culminated in him converting to Christianity.  For his parents, this was unacceptable.  His life in grave danger, John had no choice but to escape.

Moving to Canada, John changed his name, joined a Christian university, and came out as gay. For several years, he had the security and freedom that would have been impossible back home. But dark clouds were forming on the horizon. His former "affiliation" with Hamas – a proscribed terrorist group – meant that he was threatened with deportation.

Despite having long ago renounced the ideals of his family, John’s final appeal was not only denied, it wasn't even heard. In a tragic twist of fate, Canada’s strict anti-extremism laws have sealed the fate of one man who has bravely stood up against the bigoted ideology he was born into.

There is no doubt as to what will happen if John is sent back to the West Bank. As he told us:

"In my particular case, deportation would mean a certain death. A fate that is sealed. Furthermore, it wouldn't be a merciful death either. For someone like myself, the punishment must be as severe as the "crime" itself. And my "crimes are unimaginable" – this is how they describe my religious conversion, coming out, and talking publicly to the media about it" 

That’s why we’re asking you to help us put pressure on the Canadian government to allow John to stay. His life is in desperate danger – so please help us to help him."



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