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Big Brother Canada 5 - Neda should not be part of Jury nor receive stipend for bullying

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This is a petition made in addressing to the recent eviction of Miss Neda Kalantar, a mean-spirited, catty, rude and ruthless contestant who was formerly regarded as a "Big Brother Canada Legend".

As an avid fan of the anglophone franchises of Big Brother USA and Big Brother Canada, I feel very much morally indignant of late about Neda's bullying and abusive behavior towards Sindy Nguyen on Episode 11, and ugly, malicious use of language and hand gesture towards Gary Levy on Episode 10 and Ika Wong on Episode 14.

Neda Kalantar's egotistical personality and disingenuous and negative attitude have brought great distaste to the worldwide viewership, it is morally unconscionable that she should get away with her behavior unscathed.

In laughing at Sindy's appearance on Episode 11 with the insult corner incident, with Jackie as an onlooker by Neda's side, Neda said the following quotes to mock Sindy's hairstyle first and escalate into a frivolously personal attack that was required of anybody that passed by at the behest of Neda. 

"There's also the devil, there's also Sindy fail" (laughing at Sindy's inability to fan her hair out because of its length)

"Kevin, just walk away" (when Sindy wanted Kevin's support and confirmation while Neda had a nasty smirk on her face)

"Everyone that passes by has to insult Sindy'' (Neda demanding Kevin, Bruno, and Emily who were shown to be forced to insult Sindy with an one-liner on the show)

"Emily, insult her. Go." (with dagger eyes)

"Oh Sindy, you are not allowed to leave your corner" (utterly unaware of Sindy's feelings)

"Ika, you are trash, you are an ugly person" (Neda's last-ditch effort in attacking Ika who was gunning after Neda before heading out the door, such a class act)

While there exists a clip on Reddit in which Neda has appeared to apologize to Sindy when Sindy has taken the initiative to bring up the issue and address that to her, the apology from Neda comes off as extremely disingenuous and insincere.

If one looks closely at how Neda conducted this "insult corner" thing and looks at the cockiness on her face, the eye-rolling, the nasty facial expressions, ordering people around, telling people to keep insulting the Sindy's appearance whenever somebody passed by. That is exactly bullying. No two ways about it. And it has nothing to do with whether or not she has the power of the immunity till jury. She was, at that moment, being highly disrespectful, mean-spirited and made me feel genuinely mad.

Neda's behavior has reminded me so much of Aaryn's mattress-flipping incident on BBUS15. While I will not accuse Neda of being a racist, she has definitively shown to Canada and the rest of the world who are watching and are fans of the show, how much of a bona fide bully and a nasty person that she is.

Therefore, it is still within my moral conscience that I want to COLLECTIVE AS MANY SIGNATURES AS I possibly can to call upon Global TV and the executive producers of Big Brother Canada to cast away Neda as a jury member, not allow Neda to receive her jury stipend, and not allow her to have a chance to be back on the show should any twist arise that gives evictees a second chance.

So far, I can only find the email of Canadian Broadcast Standards Council to lodge my complaint, if you have more information, please let me know.

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